Saturday, October 23, 2004

Marc phoned me last night, it was great to hear from him. I refrained from saying my usual... I was going to phone you, even though I had been thinking about him earlier in the day , when I saw a (recent)photo of John Taylor and thought to myself he looks a little bit like Marc. Why don't I try a bit harder to keep in touch with my friends? The new rough trade compilation Indiepop 1 CD collection had reminded him about this almighty pop so he thought he'd give me a ring. We both agreed that the tracklisting wasn't as good as it could have been which is a shame, maybe if/when they do volume two it will be better. I wouldn't have put any of those new bands on it though, I'd probably have filled it with songs by dolphin 7 bands and bulldozer crash. Talking of whom they might be a slight reunion at the beginning of the new year, well we have made some tentative plans for a weekend recording session. I did neglect to tell him that the majority of my recording gear is in the loft and I'm virtually virtual now, just me and my laptop. I guess I've got 3 months to get myself up in the loft and blow off all the dust.
Neave climbed all the way up the stairs on her own today, she'll be walking before we know it and then the fun will be begin, so everyone keeps telling us.

Monday, October 18, 2004

wishing i was(n't) skinny

I've been off work for a week now, I injured my back trying to pull a washing machine from under a worktop with one hand. Not the brightest of things to do when your a skinny get like me. It sent my back into a spasm and gave me more pain than the whiplash did last Christmas. I've been on all sorts of drugs to get it out of the spasm and to ease the pain, diazepam,ibrufren, co-codamol, codiene phosphate and diclofenac.
If I could jump up and down I'm sure my tummy would rattle. Costing me a fortune in prescriptions aswell! It is getting better but I still can't get comfortable on a night and I can't pick Neave up which is the worst part.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Just opened an acount at Flickr and thought I would test it out with this image of a pocket calculator.

pocket calculator

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I think thats it's about time i took some nice photos for this blog, it's looking a tad boring with just text. What I'd really like to do is go and take some photos of the town centre early on a morning before it's too late, it's not as if I'm still in bed at 6.30 on a Saturday morning anymore.
Been listening to John Denver on the way home from work today, I know he's not very fashionable but as he ever been? "Rocky mountain high" and Leaving on a jet plane" to my ears are simply beautiful sounding songs.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I can't believe it ...Alistair from Tangents wants to release a Northern Electrix 3" CDR on his "I wish i was unpopular" label, I am over the moon about this, I wasn't expecting that to happen, it's going to be a two track affair with "kiss me slowly kiss me fast" and "i love you baby" I'll be label mates with Shade Tree and the Metric Mile two of my favourite bands of the year.
Went to see me Grandma again, she didn't look aswell as last time but only said one dodgy thing this week about going on a train, good news is she's going to a home in Shildon, hopefully she'll be happy about that.
Rachel is 35 today, going out for a meal on saturday with Esther and Tony.
Just fitted a stairgate , Neave managed to crawl half way up the stairs today.
Ordered a 40gb hard drive for my laptop from dell yesterday, not very big but it might enable me to convert all those camcorder tapes onto DVD and finally finish the bulldozer crash one so I can send it to Jyoti and Marc. Might even try and make one for the NE song on IWIWU. Must remember to send Alistair a CDR of "i love you baby" tomorrow.