Thursday, September 23, 2004

Finally got around to sending off the CD's to, Computer Music, Future Music, Unpopular records and 9th Wave records, not sure if anyone will like the song but fingers crossed, one of them might. Went to see me Grandma at the home in Chester-le-street last night with my Mam, she seemed a lot better than last week, didn't seem to wander off on much , infact only once, kept calling me Matty but she would sometimes do that anyway. I came away a lot happier, now we just have to get her nearer to home.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

It's ages since I've wrote anything in my Blog and so I thought I should maybe try and start to keep it up to date again. Lots has probably happened since I last wrote anything here but I'll just write about what's happened this weekend. Yesterday Rachel took Neave to her Auntie Irenes' so I had a bit of time to try and make some music. I finally mixed a version of "Kiss me slowly kiss me fast" I am happy with, I guess I could keep on trying different mixes every week, but then I will never get it sent off anywhere, so I've decided that this is the best I can do, well at least for now. I'm going to send a copy to 9th Wave Records in Washington, I hope they are still going because their website hasn't been updated since May, I'm also going to send a copy to Alistair Fitchetts Unpopular/I wish I was unpopular record label, probably not his cup of tea, but you never know. I'm also going to send copies to Computer Music and Future Music, who I guess are partly to blame for me making this kind of music, so they will probably hate it.