Friday, June 01, 2007

last night i nearly died but i woke up just in time

I don’t know what is going wrong with my insides, but I have just spent the last six days in hospital with terrible stomach pains and a temperature spiking at 40 degrees at times. I have never felt so ill in all my life, at times I really did think maybe I was never going to get better. I had been having pains in my stomach for a couple of weeks and everytime I went to the toilet I would double up in agony, not wanting to go to the doctors I just put it down to eating something dodgy and my insides would put it right on their own. Only that didn’t happen, the pain just got gradually worse, until last Thursday night when it felt like hot lava was running through my veins one minute and the next I was camped out on Everest with no clothes on unable to stop shaking .

I decided tomorrow I would go to the doctors and get sorted, so I did. She wasn’t impressed I’d waited so long and immediately had me admitted to hospital. Then the tests began, I won't go into all the gory details, but it was very painful. They found out that I had an Urinary tract infection, but that didn't explain the stomach pains or the high temp, I was put on a drip and given tablets to bring down my temp. Over the next 5 days, I was suffering with high temps, low temps, low blood pressure, a blood thinnning drug was stuck straight into my stomach with a couple nurses saying, there wasn't much to get hold of. I was put on an antibiotic drip, then in tablet form which brought me out in red blotches all over my body as soon as I took one, but they made me take another just to make sure that thats what I was allergic too, so I took another one later in the day and sure enough I went ever redder and blotchier. Another sample came back and I had a small bowel infection, but apparently that wouldn't have caused the high temp either.

I couldn't sleep on a night, because I was sharing a room with someone who talked out-loud in their sleep, someone else who snored at incredible volume and another who was a sleep walker.When I did get to sleep I kept having Life On Mars moments, Jack Regan, Kojak and Kwai Chang Cain featured heavily , saving my life on numerous occassions.

I'm so glad that I had treated myself to an ipod for an early 40th birthday present to myself, the battery just managed to make it until I got discharged, I just wished I'd had time to put a few video clips on to watch before I went in, but I guess the batteries wouldn't have lasted quite as long. Have to go back and have a scan on my kidneys in a few weeks. But for now I'm just pleased to be home. Now I'll quit whinging, I'm still alive.