Sunday, March 25, 2007

if only i had john lennon's hair, i'd shake my head wildly and sing yeah, yeah,yeah!

Just thought I would post a few MP3's from the Denver single that was put out on the Spanish Elefant record label back in 1996 (I think). My favourite band at the time were Felt, (they are still up there in my top 10 of all time) as you might be able to tell if you have a listen to "World of Pages" . I recorded the songs on my Tascam 688 just after Bulldozer Crash decided to go on an extended vacation. "World of Pages also features the keyboard wizardry of Jyoti Mishra who also indirectly named the band . I used to always have short hair, then for some foolish reason decided to grow it and Jyoti said I looked liked John Denver ( I always thought more Harvey Williams), so again I foolishly thought Denver sounds like a good name for a band! If only I'd been thinking ahead and thought that with a name like Denver the chances of my bands name ever coming up during a Google search was going to be zero! The b-side "Elizabeth Brown's Wedding Day" was me trying to sound all summery like Long Hot Summer by the Style Council and failing miserably. I have also included the song "You, Me and Brian Epstein" recorded at around the same time and released on a compilation CD from America which I never received a copy of. If you would like to have a listen to the songs you can download them from my public account here....

world of pages 7"

Monday, March 05, 2007

i was bitter for a while but now i know it's true, look for the good in others and they'll see the good in you, fa fa fa faaaa

Once again it's been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. I thought once I bought this MacBook I would be keeping it more up to date with at least one entry a week. I have been adding bits to my northern electrix web page a little more regularly. There has been a free mp3 download of Ocean Child which managed to use up all my regular bandwidth allocation on my web providers server so I had to upgrade to another GB , which was duly used up. Thankfully it was the end of the month so my bandwidth got reset on the 1st. Every thing seems to have died down now, I think it was the review on that created the traffic. I'm not complaining though , hopefully a few of those who downloaded the song liked it.

David Macmillan the Radio Cleveland DJ who has been playing Spaceage Superstar has asked me to go on his radio show to talk and play some more of my songs. It's one of those things I've always wanted to do while I've been in bands, it's just a shame I'm doing it on my own instead of when I was in a band. I am really happy about doing it, but scared about it it as well.

Like loads of people for the last few years I have been buying all sorts of stuff off the internet , records, dvds, music equipment, computer bits and bobs and local farm produce. Everything has been fine until last week when I noticed a couple of payments on my card that I didn't recognise. So I googled the name of company and it was connected to online poker sites, knowing that I hadn't visited one of those sites , my heart sank, some bastard has my card details and spending my money. But who? It could be any number of the company's where I have bought goods from in the last few years. I didn't notice the unauthorised payments until 3 days after they occurred and it was 11 at night. I still searched for numbers for my bank. The fraud department was shut. Customer services couldn't help , the cancel your card number kept hanging up on me and the lost or stolen number couldn't cancel it because it wasn't lost or stolen, even though I said "OK then it has been lost", they still wouldn't cancel it. So I had transfer all my money out into another account in case they tried to use it again before I got to the bank to cancel my card. Now I can't get any money out for five days when my new card arrives. It has made me rethink my use of my card on the internet. I'm so used it. Not sure what to do. But I'm pissed off.

I've decided to board out my loft so I can get loads of the stuff that is blocking up my garage into it, so that I can then convert that into a room that I can use as a recording studio. Even though I have just set up all my gear in the corner of my bedroom. You wouldn't believe how happy having all of musical equipment at my fingertips has made me feel. I haven't recorded anything yet, I'm just re-acquainting myself with it all. Some of it has been boxed for over three years. It was packed away before Neave was born. Lifting some of it out of their boxes was like when I first bought them. Back to boarding out the loft, it was going so well until I came out, tidied everything away hoovered up etc, then went to turn the light on and nothing! I must have screwed through an electric cable without releasing it. Shit and bricks. I couldn't be arsed to go back up that night and sort it so I did without lights upstairs for a night. Next morning I was back in the loft looking for the hole in the wire . I ended up taking up every board that I put down the day before and some from the previous week, but could I find the damaged cable, not likely. So I went back down tried the lights and the buggers worked fine. All I can think is I kinked one of the cables and then unkinked it whilst looking for the damage. Arrggghhh, now I have got all those boards to put down again. I may have damaged a few in my anger to find that cable.