Monday, August 18, 2003

love's going out of fashion

Lots of new stuff i want to write about but first need to mention Waterbomb! the Biff!Bang!Pow! compilation CD that has just been released on Rev-Ola. BBP were a band I came across by accident, well almost by accident, I knew Alan McGee was the manager of the Mary Chain and I'd seen the 7" of Love's Going Out Of Fashion in Volume in Newcastle one Saturday morning and really like the cover so I went and bought it blind, when I got home and played it and that 12 string lead guitar came out my speakers I was hooked, it was another one of those songs that I would get angry about , I was so naive not being able to comprehend why songs this good were' not treasured by everyone.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

riding along on your push bike honey

The hottest day ever and me and my sister-in-law decided to go for a bike ride after work, our best so far, no great distance but nice all the same. After I went and picked her up we came straight back the way I had just rode down to her house, then we came past what used to be the burmah garage but has recently been taken over by total, we joined the cycle path past the roundabout and headed towards the railway station, Esther suggested we have a ride along the the tracks up to Shildon, so we found our way onto a gravel path which we thought was the path running along the railway lines but turns out to be a path leading to some sort of quarry type thing, so we had to jump over a ravine chuck the bikes over a fence and jump over it so that we ended up on the path we originally wanted to be on, we rode for a while it was nice and peaceful. the scenery to the right was really nice , the fields of wheat were golden and I know it would spoil them but they really needed someone to run through them just for the fun of it. i'm going to take my digital camera next time and take some snaps. We reached tanias bridge, which we thought might be the one near Middridge and as time was getting on and we'd both said we wouldn't be out more than a hour we decided to save going all the way to Shildon until next time,we took a detour at the bridge, rode down the lane past the farms, no dogs attacked us. Said hello to Norman and dashed back to Aycliffe, apparently I got a puncture and thats why we were later than we said we would be.
summer field 2