Thursday, October 16, 2008

stay beneath the covers child, don't miss the dream, don't be the first to go, don't trust no one.

I know it's well out of date now,but I was going to use this review in the next fanzine, but I'm not sure when that will appear so I thought I'd best put the review up here instead. . . . . . .

Indietracks Festival Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July, 2008

I couldn't believe it, getting stuck on the bloody steam train for nearly three quarters of an hour and just making it to the church to hear the final strains of Still Corners last song of their set, not a great start to the festival, I was gutted that I'd missed them playing one my favourite songs of the year History Of Love live. Silverdrop were the first band of the weekend that I was to fall for. They certainly have a star in their main man Bjorn, a cross between the dance moves of Ian Curtis and the mannerisms of Wayne Coyne. The music really caught my ear, so I had to buy a CD_R from them that came wrapped in some lovely wallpaper for only £2.

I only caught the last two tracks by the Paralellograms one of which was a cover of Steamin Train and I swear if you closed your eyes you may well have thought you were listening to Tallulah Gosh. The Kabeedies were angular but very bouncy too and did well despite only having three strings on the bass guitar.

The Lodger were wonderful, I nearly managed to miss them while i was sweating every bit of water out of my body in the church watching Darren Hayman, I'd heard him do my favourite - Caravan Song so when Neave phoned to say "Night, Night" and I walked outside into the still shining bright sun and the pure pop sound of My Finest Hour I was never going back in the church. The Lodger were brilliant with those disco guitars pretending they were Chic just like Orange Juice they can't help themselves. Highlight was The Good Old Days especially those falsetto "Alright, alright" , I hope no one is ever subjected to my version as I sing along to them .

The ageless Harvey Williams played about 5 songs on his keyboard before he put a smile on everyone's face and picked up his guitar and treated the audience to some classic Another Sunny Day. He almost lifted the roof off the church when he did Anorak City changing the words to fit , I'm nearly sure he rhymed Swanwick Junction with serving luncheon .

(Harvey Williams -
Anorak City)

After a nice lie in until 10 in my comfy Travelodge bed, I headed towards Swanwick Junction once more, on arrival I picked up a couple of presents for Neave from the gift shop including a train whistle that I'm sure she will annoy her mother with.

Brontosaurus Chorus (best or worst named band of the weekend? The jury is still out on that one.) were the first band for me on the morning , there was about 7 or 8 people on stage making true summery pop sounds. The Middle Ones were laughing, smiling , giggling and totally excited to be playing their songs in the church, and what lovely indie folk pop songs they were, those harmonies were a delight to listen to.

A band that for me stood head and shoulders above almost every one else today were A Classic Education. Songs that at times were anthemic in a similar way that Hurrah!'s were. If Esurient Communications were still alive I feel almost certain that this would be the label for them. Best song was a new one inspired in part by the Grandad of the singer with Elliot Gould's eyes. I would have bought a copy of the bands 12" but I was afraid that it would warp in the tremendous heat, so I will have to try and order it online when I get back home. Just like the festival compilation which sold out before I could nab myself a copy.

(a classic education - wartimes )[the grandad song I mention]

All the band's start times were somehow messed up today so I didn't catch the start of the Rosie Taylor Project's set, so I'm not sure if I missed them doing Maps for Lovers, it was made up for a little bit when they did Black and White Films.

Strawberry Story
said that this was to be their last ever gig as they were too old and were retiring, which is a great shame as Hayley had the biggest and nicest smile of any of the bands playing. One of the bands I was really looking forward to seeing was The Wave Pictures and they didn't disappoint. Playing my favourites, the singles from the last album, which had a great punky edge to them.

I thought I had missed the Dierdres but because of line up changes I managed to catch them, they were jumping around like crazy people, I'm not sure if it was the heat of the day that had got to them, but they were certainly excitable and lots of fun. Until today I had ignored the Manhattan Love Suicides, they looked the part and all their songs were fuzzed up bubblegum overdosed guitar pop, I must buy something by them now!

Another great weekend with only one regret, I forgot all about Gregory Webster playing on the train at 3.15, maybe I'll catch him another time.

(gregory webster - the world keeps on turning )

Thursday, October 09, 2008