Sunday, May 13, 2007

my last fm album quilt and recently played widgets

Isn't that sweet?

Monday, May 07, 2007

She changes colour with the sky, as the cars go rushing by

Took Neave to see the Angel of The North today, she'd seen it on Nina and the Neurons last week, and recognised it from trips to Newcastle and the Metro Centre and asked to go and see her. It's quite disgaceful living only 20 odd miles away from her and never actually going to see her until now, I just got used to passing her on the A1, and that seemed enough. I knew she would be big but standing right next to the giant rusting 50's sci-fi movie robot with wings made me feel so small. I was quite disappointed with Gateshead Council for allowing BNP graffiti to be daubed on the angels feet and the dog poo smeared up them was an unpleasant sight. Apart from that though she's incredibly impressive.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I woke it was the first of may, wading through cherry blossom falling

I used to always try to play this song by the Rain whenever it was the first of May, if I ever forgot I would be gutted because it just wasn't the same playing it a day later. I had been thinking about it today and would have loved to have heard it, but like all my vinyl, it's still in a crate at the back of the garage. I probably would have hunted it out tonight if my garage door wasn't broke so I can't get it. New door been fitted tomorrow though. I usually check the Rain fell down blog and noticed a new entry today DROP 55 is all about the Rain song and there is a downloadable mp3 available, have a listen to hear a lost classic, and then remember to play it early on the morning of the first of May next year for best effect. Chris/Kris who writes the rain fell down blog, didn't think the song had been released but I have definately got it on an LP by the Rain , with this song on it,I think it's called To The Citadel, can anyone confirm this?

Me and Neave had a walk in Bluebell Wood on Sunday morning, well I walked she scootered, took my new camera that I am still fumbling about with so photos aren't that great,but put a few up on flickr if anyone fancies a look.