Saturday, November 06, 2004

Haven't had much chance to write anything in my blog for a couple of weeks , been a bit depressing lately what with John Peel dying and Bush getting back in I haven't really been inspired to write anything. I should be really happy aswell, I have just had a record released on the i wish I was unpopular record label it's a 3" cdr of two tracks under the name northern_electrix . You can hear a sample of one of the songs here ... kiss me slowly kiss me fast.mp3. If you like it you can buy it here iwishiwasunpopular , 3" cdr's have to be the cutest records ever.

I'm definately getting old all I seem to be buying lately is compilations and best of cd's, and last night I was moaning about the fireworks going off, I can't believe how loud they are, a sure sign of old age, moaning about noise! They did wake Neave up though, frightened the life out of her. I've got to be thankfull we are not living in Iraq they have to put up with that every day and hope that they are not hit by a bomb, I guess it's time for me to stop moaning about loud fireworks and getting old.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Marc phoned me last night, it was great to hear from him. I refrained from saying my usual... I was going to phone you, even though I had been thinking about him earlier in the day , when I saw a (recent)photo of John Taylor and thought to myself he looks a little bit like Marc. Why don't I try a bit harder to keep in touch with my friends? The new rough trade compilation Indiepop 1 CD collection had reminded him about this almighty pop so he thought he'd give me a ring. We both agreed that the tracklisting wasn't as good as it could have been which is a shame, maybe if/when they do volume two it will be better. I wouldn't have put any of those new bands on it though, I'd probably have filled it with songs by dolphin 7 bands and bulldozer crash. Talking of whom they might be a slight reunion at the beginning of the new year, well we have made some tentative plans for a weekend recording session. I did neglect to tell him that the majority of my recording gear is in the loft and I'm virtually virtual now, just me and my laptop. I guess I've got 3 months to get myself up in the loft and blow off all the dust.
Neave climbed all the way up the stairs on her own today, she'll be walking before we know it and then the fun will be begin, so everyone keeps telling us.

Monday, October 18, 2004

wishing i was(n't) skinny

I've been off work for a week now, I injured my back trying to pull a washing machine from under a worktop with one hand. Not the brightest of things to do when your a skinny get like me. It sent my back into a spasm and gave me more pain than the whiplash did last Christmas. I've been on all sorts of drugs to get it out of the spasm and to ease the pain, diazepam,ibrufren, co-codamol, codiene phosphate and diclofenac.
If I could jump up and down I'm sure my tummy would rattle. Costing me a fortune in prescriptions aswell! It is getting better but I still can't get comfortable on a night and I can't pick Neave up which is the worst part.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Just opened an acount at Flickr and thought I would test it out with this image of a pocket calculator.

pocket calculator

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I think thats it's about time i took some nice photos for this blog, it's looking a tad boring with just text. What I'd really like to do is go and take some photos of the town centre early on a morning before it's too late, it's not as if I'm still in bed at 6.30 on a Saturday morning anymore.
Been listening to John Denver on the way home from work today, I know he's not very fashionable but as he ever been? "Rocky mountain high" and Leaving on a jet plane" to my ears are simply beautiful sounding songs.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I can't believe it ...Alistair from Tangents wants to release a Northern Electrix 3" CDR on his "I wish i was unpopular" label, I am over the moon about this, I wasn't expecting that to happen, it's going to be a two track affair with "kiss me slowly kiss me fast" and "i love you baby" I'll be label mates with Shade Tree and the Metric Mile two of my favourite bands of the year.
Went to see me Grandma again, she didn't look aswell as last time but only said one dodgy thing this week about going on a train, good news is she's going to a home in Shildon, hopefully she'll be happy about that.
Rachel is 35 today, going out for a meal on saturday with Esther and Tony.
Just fitted a stairgate , Neave managed to crawl half way up the stairs today.
Ordered a 40gb hard drive for my laptop from dell yesterday, not very big but it might enable me to convert all those camcorder tapes onto DVD and finally finish the bulldozer crash one so I can send it to Jyoti and Marc. Might even try and make one for the NE song on IWIWU. Must remember to send Alistair a CDR of "i love you baby" tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Finally got around to sending off the CD's to, Computer Music, Future Music, Unpopular records and 9th Wave records, not sure if anyone will like the song but fingers crossed, one of them might. Went to see me Grandma at the home in Chester-le-street last night with my Mam, she seemed a lot better than last week, didn't seem to wander off on much , infact only once, kept calling me Matty but she would sometimes do that anyway. I came away a lot happier, now we just have to get her nearer to home.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

It's ages since I've wrote anything in my Blog and so I thought I should maybe try and start to keep it up to date again. Lots has probably happened since I last wrote anything here but I'll just write about what's happened this weekend. Yesterday Rachel took Neave to her Auntie Irenes' so I had a bit of time to try and make some music. I finally mixed a version of "Kiss me slowly kiss me fast" I am happy with, I guess I could keep on trying different mixes every week, but then I will never get it sent off anywhere, so I've decided that this is the best I can do, well at least for now. I'm going to send a copy to 9th Wave Records in Washington, I hope they are still going because their website hasn't been updated since May, I'm also going to send a copy to Alistair Fitchetts Unpopular/I wish I was unpopular record label, probably not his cup of tea, but you never know. I'm also going to send copies to Computer Music and Future Music, who I guess are partly to blame for me making this kind of music, so they will probably hate it.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Everytime I visit Alistair Fitchetts' site Tangents I get inspired, I really want to sit down and write about music that is mattering to me at that moment, problem is I never seem to get around to it. I'm trying my hardest to keep up with Alistairs' record labels Unpopular and I wish I was unpopular. The first is a vinyl label while the second is a cd-r label, both are as good as each other. I knew that if he ever started a label then it would be this good.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Went back to work this week, wasn't too bad, painful the first day, couldn't do much with right arm, but it's gradually got better. Even stopped back a couple of nights and did some overtime, well I'll be taking time off in lieu. worst bit was only having an hour so with Neave before she goes to bed, I've been spoilt while I've been off on the sick, but the weekend is here so have got all day Saturday and Sunday to spend with her.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Neck and wrists are still aching but going back to work on Monday, me and Rachel are getting on each others nerves so it's pehaps for the best. Not looking forward to it, really going to miss being with Neave, but until I have my number one record or I win the lottery I guess I'm going to have to go to work. I got in touch with the editor of Computer Music to see what he thought of my synthetic treasure sample cd, but he hasn't had time to listen to it yet, which is a shame, I guess I'm not going to make any extra money at that. This time last year I was writing about starting my own graphic design and web site design company but still haven't managed to start it. I'm just full of shit, I wish I could come up with some great business idea, I think i've been wishing that for the 20 years I've been at the council, either that or wishing I was a popstar, i guess at 36 I must finally realise that it isn't ever going to happen, so now it's time to really just make music for fun, either on my own or with other people, be it Geoff or maybe Michael Robson. I did suggest this to Michael in an e-mail but he conveniently managed to ignore the proposition, even though he is really quite musical, maybe it's just me he doesn't want to make music with, I really wish we had done something togther when we younger instead of just record collecting and writing fanzines. I have just burned him a compilation CD which I am hoping to send to him next week.

Rachel is going to the Metro tomorrow with Esther who has got the istupid dea of going on sunbeds for her holidays back in her head again, I want to talk her out of it but I'm not sure how ? Why doesn't bloody Tony stop her? Surely he loves her more than I do and wouldn't want her to risk anything happening to her.
Bought David Nichols biog of the Go-Betweens from Amazon this week, have started reading it and I am well impressed, I've already been transported back to Brisbane in the late 70's and Glagow in 1980, so far a great book, I just wish all my Go-Betweens records weren't up in the loft. I,I,I,I,I love Lee Remick, she's a darling, darling.

Had a bit of time the other day to record some vocals for Spaceage Superstar (funky song) they don't sound as good as the original ones so will have to practice a bit more and re-record them, when I get chance.

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Just been watching Sex in the city and Carrie was writing her blog and it reminded me that I hadn't bothered with mine since the accident. Nothing much to write about really, haven't been anywhere. My car was a write-off, Norwich Union are sending a cheque next week for £750. Then going to go out with Trevor to look for a new one , I'd like a Golf but they are too expensive unfortunately, not really sure what we will go for in the end. I am loads better than I was, still aching whenever I do something but the pain is nothing at all as bad as it was. I'll never be able to watch a car accident on the TV again without wincing. Derek phoned yesterday to tell me there was a job going in the garage at work that was right up my street as a crash test dummie.

Neave is doing great, has slept right through the night 3 weeks on the trot. I'm really going to miss her when I go back to work, I've even stupidly started putting on the lottery in the hope of winning just enough so that I don't have to. Rachel has gone out with Esther and Heidi through Bishop tonight, her first real night out on the drink. Paula, Jeanette and Minne Magoo cancelled so she wasn't in the greatest of moods.

Have bought more software synths, I'm becoming a bit of an addict, Dash Synthesis had an offer on for all there synths ...only $129, how could I resist? Eve is brilliant with somefantastic, sounds, Engalis is probably my favourite because the sitar sounds so cool. Also bought Oberhiem's Auto Tune for my vocals, not sure if it will do the trick but have worked out how to do the Cher effect. Haven't done anything musically, just been messing about with odd loops and stuff , will try and get a couple of hours in the back room tomorrow and do some work on "Spaceage Superstar"(funky song). Haven't heard from Geoff since well before Christmas, will have to phone him soon.

Have been watching some of my Christmas DVD's while I've been off work, the first series box set of the Tomorrow People has now been watched and enjoyed, also started watching odd episodes of Citizen Smith, Power to the People, I am definately on a reminising trip at the moment. Have even been watching Man about the house, George and Mildred and Robin's nest on Paramount, is that sad? I'm not sure. I do know Robin's Nest has the coolest theme tune ever though, Denim did a great version of it. My favourite songs of the moment are from the new Belle and Sebastian l.p. "I'm a cuckoo" and track 12 but I'm not sure what that ones called, an excellent l.p. have been singing along to it loads while in the kitchen.

Watched a really sad program last night, "For the benefit of Mr Parris" , 20 years ago up and coming Tory MP Matthew Parris spent a week ion the Scotswood Estate in Newcastle to see if he could last on the dole, he didn't. To follow up that program last year he went back and tried again, this time he just about managed it. He met some really unfortunate people. I know that 20 years ago I would have hated the man and everything he stood for but this time he seemed to have more compassion and I started to like him although he still wouldn't blame Thatcher for the situation some of those people found themselves in. I went to sleep feeling really guilty about where I now live, I know I was only 16 when that first programme went out but I'm sure I was a nicer person then, I cared more about other people and the predicaments they found themselves in, now though I think I just have have a fear that one day I might end up like them, In a tiny little flat somewhere, depressed and hooked on prozac, it just seems so easy to fall into it, lose your job, lose house, lose your wife a never ending downward spiral.. I remember that claustrophobic feeling from my flat in Bishop, Lambton Street suddenly felt like a mansion when I moved in there, all that space to walk around in, it was like winning the lottery!

Have finally started to read a book, I got it off Norman last year for Christmas , Tom Courtney's "Dear Tom", it's all the letters that his mother wrote to him years ago while he was just a fledgling actor, only just started it but so far so good, I am going to try and read a book a month at least.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Rachel phoned in sick for me today, probably have the whole week off, couldn't possibly do any painting with this pain. They came to pick up fiesta today, the guy said it was most definately a write-off, so I had to empty all my gear out of boot which really knacked my neck. Alan Reid phoned later and told us the same , so we are just waiting for Norwich Union to get in touch to see what they offer us for the car.

Chatted to Kat from Maladjusted , she said the Bulldozer Crash CD-R was on the way soon, but didn't mention the Kosmonaut 7", I guess there is no rush for that coming out, it's not as if we can promote it at the moment.

Rachel posted my sample CD to Computer Music today so I'm just hoping they like it, will e-mail them Wednesday night, see if they got it OK.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Rachel and Neave have gone to Auntie Grace and Uncle Arthurs' with Norm, Esther, Tony and Naomi. I'm going to stay at home, I'm aching still but I can tell it's getting better. Been doing my exercises and the worst one is trying to touch my ear on my shoulder it's a killer. No pain, no gain!

Sorted out CD of Synthetic Treasure to send to Computer Music, so fingers crossed they might want to use some of my samples. That would be nice if I could carve out a side career in sample creating. I guess we'll just have to see what Ronan Macdonald the editor of CM makes of the CD. Also parceled up the kosmonaut CD for Peter of Linplug in return of the RM1V manual that he sent me. Hopefully Rachel will send them for me tomorrow.

Currently downloading FL Studio 4.5, not actually sure what new and exciting features it has but I'm sure in amongst it's 30mb download there is something new that I will like.

Uploaded some photos to Bonusprint last night , so hopefully they will come sometime this week.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Feeling much better today, only had two of my painkillers so far and it's quarter past three. Marc sent me a copy of his CD today the liberty ship Tide, mastered by ahem stephen maughan at porterfield 73. I would say it's probably my favourite l.p. of the year!

Esther popped around at about dinnertime to bring back Neave's changing mat, Naomi isn't very well, was sick in tesco's yesterday and has been sick about 4 times today, poor bairn! Neave had a good night slept from 9 last night until 5 this morning.
Catch up from yesterday ............Rachel went to Alan Reid's to pick up a courtesy car, a Ford Ka, which she says is quite nice. Me Mam and Dad came down with presents from Lanzarote, a camel and a punky haired duck for Neave, some rock for me and a spoon for Rachel.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Too much pain to type today, if feeling better will catch up tomorrow.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I know I always start the year off with the good intention of keeping a diary for the whole year but never ever actually do, I might manage the first few days days I think when I used to write in my electronic journal, I managed at least 3 weeks without missing a day. I will try but i know I'll fail. I'm writing this in a a little discomfort as I'm am currently suffering from whiplash, a bad back and sore wrists and arms, the result of the car crash on Tuesday. Me and Neave were in the Fiesta and Rachel was following in the Polo , we were taking the Polo to Mill Garage to have a look at it because the airbag light was staying illuminated when you drove it. As I left the motorway and slowed down at the Faverdale roundabout to see if anything was coming the sun was blinding me so I stopped , unfortunately Rachel was behind me and the sun was blinding her and she thought that I was still moving and ploughed into the back of me. I didn't know what was happening all I remember was my glasses flying off , scouring about on the floor looking for them and diving into the back of the car to see if Neave was OK, she seemed to be, I looked out the rear window and Polo was all squashed up at the front and at first glance it looked almost on top of the fiesta, Rachel was fine though, apart from nearly getting knocked over as she jumped out of the car to see if we were OK. We were in a bit of a state and didn't know what to do, loads of people went passed but nobody stopped until I went and tried to push Rachel's car off the road, I almost managed it on my own, then a lorry driver and a couple of young lads stopped and gave me a hand. We phoned Esther and Tony who came and took us hospital, Neave was OK , she was checked out by a couple of doctors and given the all clear. One of them had a look at me, testing my reflexes and stuff, said I had whiplash and to be prepared for it to get worse over the next few days, going off the pain today he was right. We managed to get home in the fiesta, but only just.

We went to Esther and Tony's for New Years Eve, I wasn't going to drink just stick to my tablets but decided not to be a party pooper and had a few Reefs to ease the pain, didn't seem to work, I did manage to spill half my WKD on Esthers' newly cleaned carpet, clumsy tit. Neave was a bit unsettled as if she knew she was somewhere else. We stopped up till about 12.30 then went to bed, Neave only woke up once. We got up about 8-ish I think, Esther made a great breakfast of bacon sarnies and teacake and plenty cups of tea.

Had a right lazy day once we got back, well I am in a bit of pain, phoned me Mam and Dad who have had a nice time in Lanzarote, they are going to walk over to see us tomorrow, we might be getting a courtesy car from Alan Reid's tomorrow aswell if the Polo isn't a write-off that is. I don't think it will be. Rachel did all the housework she must be knackered running after me, feeding Neave and everything else.

Started to sort out Synthetic Treasure Sample CD for Computer Music magazine and see if they are interested in buying them for use in the magazine.