Sunday, March 13, 2005

Once again it has been an age since I wrote anything here, this time I really have been busy, well I have been doing something worthwhile for a change. It must be over 22 years since I last did a paper round, I never thought I'd have do it again, but the goverment and their privatisation of council houses policy is forcing me to walk the streets again . I work for Sedgefield Borough Council who are currently trying to sell off their housing stock to a private housing association. They are spending a fortune on trying to get tenants to vote yes to transfer and I have been helping distribute a newsletter trying to persuad tenants to say no. You can have a read of the newsletter here SedgefieldBroadsheetFeb2005 .

There is about 10,000 council houses in the borough and we are slowly but surely getting to all of them. Through snow, wind and attacks by dogs. I'd forgotten how much a shock to the system it was when a dog starts barking at you and you are locked in a garden with it, it makes your heart jump out of chest! The worst injury I've had so far though is a paper cut, which is better than being ravaged by an alsation.

Neave is 16 months old today. My Grandma was 90 last Thursday.