Friday, December 19, 2008

positively teenage

My compilation cassette positively teenage has recently been posted on I didn't think the sound quality was quite as bad as that, I'm sure it sounded better back in 1990. When I get chance I'm going to scan the fanzine that came with it, each of the bands wrote a page for it, well most of them did, for the ones that didn't I told a few fibs.

(A01) The Love Parade - Dave Clark 5
(A02) The Gravy Train - Devil In Your Shoe
(A03) Lavender Faction - In My Mind
(A04) The Sunflowers - Sunflower Babies
(A05) St.James Infirmary - The Sun Don't Shine
(A06) The Mayfields - Out To Sea
(A07) Penny Candles - Memory Box
(A08) Regulators - Southside Johnny
(A09) Remember Fun - P.S. Elaine
(A10) Church Grims - Plaster Saint
(A11) Marc - Clearer, Brighter, Sharper
(A12) Felicity's - Why Don't You Come Round
(A13) Crimson Mints - Makes Me Want To
(A14) Mousefolk - Wishing The Summer Away
(A15) The Fat Tulips - All That Matters
(B01) The Love Parade - Eternally
(B02) The Gravy Train - All Fall Down
(B03) The Sunflowers - Sunflowers Mum
(B04) Perfect Kiss - So Many Alike
(B05) Church Grims - Seen It All
(B06) Panda Pops - Submarine
(B07) The Williams - Still Keep Coming
(B08) St.Christopher - Charmelle
(B09) The Driscolls - It's Your Daughter
(B10) The Sohfas - Thorns
(B11) The Spinning Jenny's - Gardeners Weakly
(B12) Bulldozer Clarts - Walks Away
(B13) Librarians - Stripping In The Cemetry
(B14) Strawberry Story - For The Love Of Billy
(B15) Hellfire Sermons - Down All The Days
(B16) Patrick Skelly & The Prescriptions - Land Of Tears

i will treasure you

Mike from Slumberland Records asked if I'd be interested in putting together a podcast for his site , I said yes and it's now online, you can download it from here

I hope you enjoy it. I meant to embed this photo in the mp3 file but somehow forgot.

I seem to have a big blue sky obsession going on at the moment.