Sunday, June 22, 2008

I share my birthday with a silver beatle

the winter turns to springtime,
and the springtime turns to summer,
we discover how we've lost another year

And your lips were warm your hands were cold
I never thought I'd feel this old
Isn't grey hair just the first light of a new dawn?

all words © withered hand new dawn

Monday, June 02, 2008

sunny day and i'm looking for her you see

I'm not normally the gloating type but I had to mention the wonderful little pop artifact that dropped through my letterbox the other day. It's a small 3" cd-r , lovingly put together by Kris of Heaven Is Above Your Head and who is also the ace guitarist with A Smile And A Ribbon. I really didn't want to break into to it, but I had to, I managed to loosen the red thread that was holding it together and place the mini cd into the player, there is a great selection of songs on it, some I'd heard, some I hadn't and some I'd forgotten all about like Po!'s "Sunday Never Comes Around".

Sweet Sixteen by A Smile And A Ribbon gets mentioned in an earlier post below and it's nice to hear it again after the bands triumphant UK tour. Once I get This Almighty Pop! number five finished, my next silly idea is to start a cd-r record label and I want to release something by A Smile And A Ribbon but I fear by the time I get around to it they will be just too big or just say no when I ask them.