Monday, July 21, 2003

I finally succumbed and bought myself a DVD player the other day, I've been avoiding it but there does seem to be loads of stuff available that I'd really like to see, so I went for it. One of my first purchases was 24 Hour Party People, I meant to go to the pictures to see it but never got around to it. I enjoyed the film, very happy/sad, especially the Joy Division bits , after watching it I went into the kitchen and got a big bowl of rice krispies for my supper and thought to myself that I could never have been a popstar, I just wouldn't have enjoyed that drug fuelled lifestyle. I thought today that when I got in from work that I would want to have a listen to Atmosphere or Lazyitis but instead I reached for my Talulah Gosh 12"'s ,which I have never listened to for years and they sounded quite refreshing after all this time.

Friday, July 18, 2003

When we lived at 184 Tindale Green and my Mam and Dad wanted a little time on their own without me and my two sisters getting on their wick, we would get chucked into the dining room to play records and dance around madly. We used to love it, being able to play whatever we wanted to, on the whole I think we thought the record collection was fairly good ,there was The Beatles Sgt Pepper with the cardboard cut out moustache and badges that we were warned never to cut out because one day they'd be worth a bit, surpisingly we never did cut them up because they are still fully intact to this day. There was some solo Beatles stuff that we used to play I really liked "My Sweet Lord" and Ringo's "It don't come easy" I also sometimes dared to play the b-side of "Imagine" that had shock!horror! swearing on it . There was some Elvis LP's but my Dad's favourite was Buddy Holly and there was loads of his LP's to choose from, the one that seemed to have all the really good songs on was called the Buddy Holly story and I bought a CD copy of it yesterday to see if was as good as I remember and it was, you don't get to hear much Buddy Holly on the radio these days, not that I listen to much radio these days, I must be getting old, most Radio 1 DJ's just annoy me, when I was still going to work in my car I had turned to Radio 2 and Terry Wogan, he even plays the Polyphonic Spree. The Buddy Holly songs are I guess by todays standards quite simply structured, there isn't a great deal going on but the tunes are incredible, I haven't heard these songs for years yet I found myself singing along word perfect, my memory isn't that good , it must be the songs being so unforgettable.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

We have just had the hottest June since 1976, but I feel as if i've just caught a cold in the middle of winter, I've got a sore throat, all my bones and muscles are aching, my teeth are aswell ,I just can't get warm and now my head is bouncing. Just spent the whole evening scouring my old cd back-ups for an old song that I wanted to do a new version of but i've given up , it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Time for bed I think.