Saturday, December 29, 2007

nothing is ever as good as it was

I've started ripping more of my cd's into iTunes over the Christmas holidays and in one of the crates of cd's was a copy of the unreleased Bulldozer Crash e.p. Accidental Bleeding. The five songs on it were once going to be released on James Brands' Maladjusted Electronics LTD label, but James just vanished never to be heard of again, so the songs have just been collecting dust ever since. I thought that I would stick one song up here , it's a little different to most of the stuff released on Sunday and Heaven records, I don't even think we used a guitar on this track. I was just getting used to using my computer to record audio. This session was the guinea pig session, so I'm not sure if all the distorted levels were intentional. I'd like to put all five songs up eventually but I really need to get permission from Marc first, seeing as the other four were all written by him, whereas this one was a joint effort. Are you there Marc, yay or nay? Over the last year I have a few requests for a Bulldozer Crash compilation, I don't think any label would be interested so it would have to be a self released one. I have been slowly remastering some of the songs Jyoti sent me from his master copies, so I would like to do it sometime, just not sure exactly when it will all come together.

Accidental Bleeding MP3

Friday, December 28, 2007

shaking, laughing and everything (I wish I was!)

I'm feeling a bit sad and lonely tonight so probably not the best time to be writing in my blog, I just thought I would write a list of some of stuff at this moment in time I really want to do next year, I hope I manage some of them, so in no particular order ....

1. record an l.p.
2. write a real fanzine
3. fall in love at least once
4. read more books
5. organise a gig in newcastle with michael
6. make a good go of working for myself
7. stop buying dvds and not watching them
8. buy more cd's
9. take more photos
10. go to more gigs
11. visit some of those ancient sites around Britain mentioned in Julian Cope's The Modern Antiquarian