Friday, February 13, 2004

Went back to work this week, wasn't too bad, painful the first day, couldn't do much with right arm, but it's gradually got better. Even stopped back a couple of nights and did some overtime, well I'll be taking time off in lieu. worst bit was only having an hour so with Neave before she goes to bed, I've been spoilt while I've been off on the sick, but the weekend is here so have got all day Saturday and Sunday to spend with her.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Neck and wrists are still aching but going back to work on Monday, me and Rachel are getting on each others nerves so it's pehaps for the best. Not looking forward to it, really going to miss being with Neave, but until I have my number one record or I win the lottery I guess I'm going to have to go to work. I got in touch with the editor of Computer Music to see what he thought of my synthetic treasure sample cd, but he hasn't had time to listen to it yet, which is a shame, I guess I'm not going to make any extra money at that. This time last year I was writing about starting my own graphic design and web site design company but still haven't managed to start it. I'm just full of shit, I wish I could come up with some great business idea, I think i've been wishing that for the 20 years I've been at the council, either that or wishing I was a popstar, i guess at 36 I must finally realise that it isn't ever going to happen, so now it's time to really just make music for fun, either on my own or with other people, be it Geoff or maybe Michael Robson. I did suggest this to Michael in an e-mail but he conveniently managed to ignore the proposition, even though he is really quite musical, maybe it's just me he doesn't want to make music with, I really wish we had done something togther when we younger instead of just record collecting and writing fanzines. I have just burned him a compilation CD which I am hoping to send to him next week.

Rachel is going to the Metro tomorrow with Esther who has got the istupid dea of going on sunbeds for her holidays back in her head again, I want to talk her out of it but I'm not sure how ? Why doesn't bloody Tony stop her? Surely he loves her more than I do and wouldn't want her to risk anything happening to her.
Bought David Nichols biog of the Go-Betweens from Amazon this week, have started reading it and I am well impressed, I've already been transported back to Brisbane in the late 70's and Glagow in 1980, so far a great book, I just wish all my Go-Betweens records weren't up in the loft. I,I,I,I,I love Lee Remick, she's a darling, darling.

Had a bit of time the other day to record some vocals for Spaceage Superstar (funky song) they don't sound as good as the original ones so will have to practice a bit more and re-record them, when I get chance.