Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Rachel went to hospital for her 38 week check at the hospital yesterday and she had high blood pressure, they thought the baby wasn't growing enough and that the placenta wasn't working properly. They were wrong about the last 2 but she still had a scan and the midwife was 100% certain that it was a girl, so we can forget about boys name now and just concentrate on girls names! Esther had Naomi saying Grace, Neve, Hope and Banana (Rhianna) on the phone tonight and they all sounded spot on apart from Banana! Rachel is going to have her blood pressure checked tomorrow, if it's still high she might have to go to hospital and they may induce her.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Two weeks to go and if the dates are correct there could be a little baby in the house. Names decided so far for a boy are Nathan, Nathaniel, Isaac and Aaron. If it's a girl we have got Fay, Neve, Grace, Rhianna and Hope.