Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

could this be the start of something? could it be the end of a phase? could it be the start of the future? could it be the good old days?

I know you really shouldn't take months to write a fanzine, but it's been 18 years and I was a little rusty around the edges. Finally it's here though, this almighty pop! number five, I hope someone enjoys it and my spelling mistakes and bad grammar don't spoil it too much. It comes with what I think is an excellent compilation CD, and is on my this almighty pop record label, which I am about to start this month. The first band on the label is Play People and you should be able to buy their CD single by the end of next week. I will also be selling the last bunch I have of the first four issues of this almighty pop as a package deal, as much as I have liked them hanging around in my garage for the last 18 years it's time for them to find new homes, thats if anyone will have them. For details on the new fanzine, the record label and the old fanzines head on over to www.thisalmightypop.com