Monday, April 25, 2011

your technique it leaves me weak, my heart knows it's the beat I seek

As much as I like indie music I do like other pop songs as well. I've recently been revisiting my 7" vinyl collection and here's a few that kind of go together, well in my mind they do. Rather than just put up the songs and nothing else here are some meaningless words about them. . . . Joboxers weren't they made up from ex-members of Subway Sect? The b-side of this one was co-written by Vic Goddard. Won't Turn Back was recommeded to me by Malcolm from the Gravy Train a long time ago,  The Vapours always reminded me of the Jam especially this song, Time UK featured Rick Buckler, The Redskins had a few classic 7"s, it was between this one and Lean On Me. The Faith Brothers were from around the same time, I hope some these songs seem quite apt at this moment in time. Does any one write protest songs with good tunes any more? Robert Lloyd with a song that should have been a hit, I know I say it all the time about songs that I think are great but most of these could have or should have been.  Microdisney's was, I'm nearly certain a video for it was on the chart show. Squire another band that were almost the Jam or maybe wanted to be the Who, like The Moment did, I had an LP by them but it's long since gone. Boys Wonder had all the style and a tune to excite and a Sid James sample, I'm sure some indie band did that before them. The Gents another Mod band who once played at Newton Aycliffe Youth Center, I missed it but I work with the person who organised it when he was only 14. The Big Sound Authority were one of Weller's discoveries and a good one at that. The Mari Wilson song is a b-side and it sounds that good. The Small Town Parade were another Paul Bevoir band. Quite a modish collection at times, so to finish it off , little bit of 'plastic punk' from the Leyton Buzzards who eventually turned into Modern Romance.

1. just got lucky / the joboxers
2. won’t turn back /vic goddard   
3. news at ten / the vapours   
4. playground of privelige / time uk
5. keep on keeping on / the redskins
6. the country of the blind / the faith brothers
7. something nice / robert lloyd and new four seasons
8. town to town / microdisney
9. does stephanie know? / squire   
10. 1, 2, they fly / the moment
11. goodbye jimmy dean / boys wonder   
12. new direction / the gents..   
13. this house / big sound authority
14. you look so good / mari wilson
15. sunday way of life / small town parade   
16. hanging around / the leyton buzzards

I guess I'll never be a popklubb d.j.