Friday, November 14, 2003

Neave was born yesterday at 12.45, weighing 7,11 and a half and she is absolutley gorgeous. poor Rachel had a hard time of it 19 hours of labour and then she still had to have a section. It was unbelievable ,that moment when Mary the midwife handed Neave to me for the first time, covered in blood trying so hard to open those lovely eyes, Rachel reckons her nose is from me, her lips are definatley Rachels's, her hair at the moment is fair, she's got really skinny legs and feet like her Aunty Esther. Esther and Tony, Norman and me Mam and Dad came in to hospital last night to see her and they all loved her, Esther as expected was the most excitable. took plenty of photos, so she didn't grew up and wonder what she looked like when she was a baby, me Mam reckons she looks just like me when I was born, shame there are no photos to compare with..She didn't have anything to eat yesterday but has started to latch on a little bit today. Norman came in this afternoon to see her so did Hiedi and her mam Yvonne who bought allsorts for Neave, toys, clothes and a feeding plate and they are all lovely. Only Esther came to see her tonight so it was a much quiter night. I hate not being able to be with them all day can't wait for them to both come home.